About WordPress hosting. What kind of hosting you should buy?


Every newbie try to find a cheap hosting when it comes to a place where he should put his website. Not allways a cheap hosting is a great hosting.

Yes, you could find a cheap wordpress hosting if you are a beginner and your website only have a few visitors. If you have big plans though, you should avoid cheap things.

What are the options that you have?

First of all, you can buy a managed wordpress hosting. Is a new concept that brings an easy way of webhosting. More and more companies offer a complete package that make it easy for you to get to your purpose.

The most popular tipe of hosting is shared hosting. Is the cheapest option and it’s a great place to start. The concept is simple: you will be sharing all the resources of a server with other customers. The advantage is a great price with decent specifications.

The disadvantage is a sall space, some security risks and the idea of sharing. Furtunatly there are many hosting companies that offer great shared hosting, so you should take this option and analize it very good.

Another options is VPS Hosting. VPS stands for Virtual Private server and it means that you’ll be allocated a partition on a server. A VPS brings more advantages but a bigger cost than a shared hosting.

Unlike the shared option, you will have a great performance for your website and no one could affect that. You will also have a little more freedome and you could change some performance aspects like memory usage and power. If you have a growing website, this is the best option for your business.

Finally, the best hosting, but the most expensive, is the dedicated hosting. If you choose this way, you will hae a whole server for you and you can administrate it as you want.

This might seem great, but it cost thousands of euros sometimes and it will need good prepared people. If you have a big website, that makes you lots of money, it’s normal to take this options. If not, a VPS seems to be theĀ  greatest option.

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