How to automate selling on eBay


eBay has become a household name and you’d be hard pressed to find someone who has not shopped there. It gives sellers access to a lucrative and vast number of customers, and therefore is an excellent business opportunity for those who are looking for a change or to bring in some extra money. Keysender is here to help with that!

Automated Selling

Keysender – – is an automated system to aid sellers in managing their eBay accounts. It is available to everyone—from the sellers with vast inventories of sales products who find themselves chasing their tails all day, to smaller sellers who operate a side hustle and do not have a lot of time due to their other jobs or commitments.

Keysender – A Seller’s Best Ally

We know that with our background support bracing your eBay instant delivery, you or your staff will be freed up to combat the bigger roadblocks, hurdles, and goals that your position calls for. No more getting trapped in the busywork! This will give you the time and opportunities to expand your eBay seller’s business, grow your work force, and watch that sales line climbs ever higher on the graph!

All you must do is to create a Keysender account and link it to your eBay account. It is a streamlined and simple process as we want to ensure that your experience with us is as easy and straightforward as possible.

How To Automate Your Sales

Once your account has been verified, then Keysender will do all the hard work. Keysender has been helping other internet sellers like yourself for six years, and to date has overseen over 11million transactions and over 13 million codes. With an average response time of 2 seconds, your customers can expect instant replies. Keysender will resolve problems and answering queries with immediate template responses. With a little automated magic, you can keep your transactions moving forwards, your customers happy, and avoid the usual roadblocks and hold ups that can occur.

Any messages that require a human response go directly to our message center, where we aggregate all your messages for easy replies in one place. This gives you the ease and control to respond as you’d like, keeping the swiftness to your response times and the efficiency of your sales.

More Features

The system comes with a fully integrated listing and quantity manager. This helps you to easily customize the costs and prices of your stock. This is an invaluable tool in the competitiveness of the online market as it tracks the sales and inventory and can automate restocking requests.

Create beautiful confirmation email templates and landing pages, and Keysender will send those emails to mark the completion of purchases, professionalizing your services to your own customers and helping to brand your sales account.

What is more, Keysender’s anti-fraud score system does exactly what it says on the tin, this is an optional extra that provides your customer with an anti-fraud key check on your sales.

Automation Made Easy

Automation is the future, and Keysender is curated to streamline your transactions and drive your business forwards. We can save you time and money and help your business achieve the next level in online sales.

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