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Is it possible to recover a dead hard disk?

Is it possible to recover a dead hard disk?

We may not realize it, but a proper functioning of our hard disk is crucial if we want to maintain the safety of your documents. It is true that we can always save in Cloud all our data, but sometimes it seems easier to keep our precious data on our computer.

When our hard disk stop working and you haven’t back up our data, we must find a way to perform a HDD Data Recovery. At first, you need to stop using our computer or external hard drive, by powering down the computer or by disconnecting the external drive. After that, you must evaluate the hard drive from the computer and see if you notice any physical damage and broken parts.

Once you examined the hard drive, make sure the cables you are using work properly. If you own an IDE/EIDE drive, switch the driver pin settings. So, if it was set on “slave” or “cable select”, change it to “master” and then plug it in without any other device to see if it works. You can also use another PCI controller and see if it works. It can also help if you connect the drive into another computer, because in some cases the problem is not the hard disk, but the motherboard.

If Windows cannot see your drive, no matter how hard you try, it means the file system has functioning problem and it is recommend taking an image of the hard drive. After you took the image, you can start running the type of “file system repair” you want. Using Linux can be a solution for you, if Windows is not helping at all.

In some cases, the head of the drives is stuck, especially if you see that the drive is not recognized as a USB device. Hitting on your hand on the narrow edge located next to the cable connector could help. After that, just plug it again and see if the drive is recognized by the computer.

Not all of us have all the answer when it comes to recovering a hard disk. Our precious data needs to be restored and if we tried anything without any luck, the only thing left for us to do is to visit a specialist. With special designed programs and a professional team, like Alba Data Recovery, we can easily fix our problem.

In most of the cases, people lose data from their hard drive by accident. Whether there is a natural disaster, whether it is caused by an accident, which can happen easily, it is very easy to lose important data. Unfortunately, losing data can lead to the loss of important information and even wasting years of hard work.

The good thing is that there are different things we can try to restore data from a hard drive or even from a device using Android or iOS. Nowadays it is easier to make sure your data is safe, whether it is a photo or an important document.