Why back up your important files?


There are many causes that can make data impossible to access and a timely backup of data can save you a lot of headaches. If you do not have backup data recovery is the only solution to restore them back. The recovery procedure depends on the type of defect that the storage unit suffered. Moreover, there are situations in which neither the data recovery in the specified centers is so efficient and the data is partially recovered or cannot be recovered due to the multiple damages suffered.

Unfortunately, users believes more on speed and less on data security. Working speed is more important today than ever whether we are at the office or at home computer. Whether we are talking about simple text editing or browsing the web, until the transfer of files from one partition to another or from a memory stick to the hard disk, all these matters, when we have tight deadlines for handing over a work.

After all, if time is money, the same thing can be said for computer work, where every extra second counts. Unfortunately, all this haste and need of the extra life at the computer level sometimes leads to errors of human nature, which we can hardly stand up to. SSDs have the highest write / read speeds and are increasingly being used on laptops, but recovering data from certain SSD models may be impossible.

Therefore, you should not consider yourself unprepared if you lose an entire file or folder. This can happen to anyone, especially when you are on the run or distracted by different factors from your mission. It is an additional reason to ensure once again that we will have access to our data, regardless of the accidents caused by us or not. And this can be done by creating so-called backup files, through which we shelter in the face of the above mentioned dangers.

Data loss, more and more frequent

One of the risks we may find is the actual loss of our data from the computer or from the memory stick. Basically, with a simple push of a button, we can delete in a few seconds our movies or photos of a lifetime. Basically, by pressing a key, human errors are common. Data recovery can only be done through data recovery software such as: Recuva, R-Studio … Data recovery is only possible if the data has not been overwritten.

A faster transfer increases the risks

Another risk we have to consider is : the faster transfer of data. Today it has become an essential requirement for buyers of modern computing devices, who want to quickly transfer files from one hard disk to another or from a flash drive to hard disk. However, the higher the data transfer rate, the greater the risks to our security. Because, if a computer today has the ability to transfer files quickly from one place to another, so you do. The times when I had good minutes to delete a movie or a director with photos are long gone. Today, all these operations are on the order of seconds or even less. Therefore, pressing the “delete” button is equivalent to losing your data within a few seconds.

Data overwriting, a risk to consider

At the same time, a risk worth considering is data overwriting. In this case, file recovery is practically impossible, as long as they bear the same name as the previous ones.

Call a data recovery specialist so that operations like above do not leave you without important files for your career or personal life.

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