DeepToken – a new CryptoCurency launched by MindArk


In March 2018, MindArk plans to undertake a token sale that will raise capital to fund and operationalize the next stage of the company’s growth plan; the creation of an Intellectual Property Exchange (‘IPX’).

Across the world, there’s a large and active digital assets and intellectual property marketplace of those trying to license their assets across the digital world.

As an open, cross-platform digital exchange, the IPX will support the growth of a market where game and business developers monetize their job — be it created for the Entropia Universe or other games platforms, for non-gaming applications, or for non-software situations like 3D printable files. The IPX aims to become the central custodian of digital assets in a global intellectual property market that’s estimated to be worth over $180 billion USD.

This document summarizes MindArk’s plan to build on its existing intellectual property to develop this ecosystem and explain how the DeepToken — MindArk’s own digital asset native to a blockchain — will enable it to operate effectively, both as a way of transacting between seller and buyer and as a publicly available blockchain established ledger of contracts.

The DeepToken will also have a role in the Entropia Universe withdrawal and payment process, expediting the transfer of its ingame
Digital currency — the Project Entropia Dollar (‘PED’) — into realworld currencies and back again.

Moreover, DeepToken holders will instantly benefit from the consumption of tokens used for transactions and deterioration of
Items inside the Entropia Universe.

The IPX will be powered by DeepToken, also referred to as DTA. We are devoting 100 million tokens for buy, which will be distributed at a rate up to 1 token to $1.0 USD (1DTA=1USD). The token sale will start in March 2018.

On conclusion of the DeepToken token sale and establishment of the IPX, MindArk plans to hold future raises that will enable it to
Open a new fully-regulated real-world bank in Sweden – MindArk Bank — and make an Accelerator Funding Program to support a new generation of digital asset developers.

The bank will help finance the Accelerator Funding Program, enabling exponential growth of assets from various developers and further increase the use of DeepToken.

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