You Do Not Need CRM Software

You Do Not Need CRM Software

For small businesses that are focussed on sales and closing deals things often start well. As more and more clients are acquired through successful deals and networking events the organisation of all of their needs becomes more difficult.

Teams that were once wholly focussed on selling the business now have to spend far too much time trying to organise a cumbersome amount of data.

This will often become too much to manage and mistakes will inevitably be made. Before long the company’s good fortune will seem to reverse as clients are lost because the work cannot be completed quickly enough.

Mistakes are likely to happen due to the unintuitive nature of CRM Software

One of the obvious solutions is for the company to start creating its own data management system using some kind of spreadsheet software such as Excel. While this is fine in the early stages it is prone to developing faults as the complexity of data increases.

Since the business must effectively develop its own systems that all of the employees understand a custom system can cost a great deal of time and money. It is also tempting for new companies to look into systems like CRM. The issue with these is that that they are not designed to be user-friendly and are almost too complex to be manageable.

They come with a hefty price tag which will only be exacerbated by the additional training everyone will require just to get to grips with it. Even then, mistakes are likely to happen due to the unintuitive nature of CRM.

The solution is to find a lightweight software that is designed for a smaller business that has the flexibility and power required while also remaining user-friendly. It may sound like too much to ask for, but they do exist in the form of platforms such as no CRM.

Software like this one is designed to ensure consistency within the company’s pipeline to ensure that any deals can be closed with minimum fuss. They often come with different editions that can be matched to different business types so that a balance can be found between competitive pricing and the features that are required, and each of which will have a free trial for those that are interested.