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All of you have seen them – fun and short videos that are easy to watch and can quickly tell you what the new product or service of a company can do. But, how do you really define a top explainer video? Would it be one that has plenty of fancy effects or runs in high definition?

Is it the animation that made you laughed until your stomach hurt?? Is it something that you clearly remember after watching it? Well, it is none of these.

The main question that an explainer video company should ask among customers is something like this: When you are sitting with a customer who is very interested to learn why your company, service or product is better than the other choices out there, what is that one discover that they make in that discussion which makes them sit back and say, “Wow! That’s great!”

When your explainer video manages to make the watcher genuinely get that one thing that is really unique, valuable and different about your service or product, then, you know that you have a top demo video.

The best sales people in real life have a natural knack with the use of the right words at the right time in the right order every time they deal with prospects and you explainer video must do exactly just that. The real secret benefit of explainer video is that there is no need for live actors, thus, you can always take your time on the script, pick the suitable voice artist and think carefully about the visuals which need to go together with the narrative.

The real secret that every explainer video company should know is that great videos are the result of a great script. When the script is strong enough, the rest will surely follow. A good script will start with knowing who your audience is, knowing what common misconceptions they have regarding your service and product and knowing what they want when searching for a provider that belongs to your market segment.

A lot of business owners tend to come up with videos based on an idea that they consider cool instead of basing their decision on what their customers need. A reliable explainer video company, before heading down the path of coming up with ideas for your video, will first stop and ask these questions:

• Who is your audience?
• What misconceptions do they have regarding your service or product?
• What fears do they hold about making an inquiry or buying from your company?
• What is the advantage that they can get from your service or product?
• What do you want your customers to do after they watch your video?
• What is that one thing about your service or product that is truly unique and create that Wow factor among your customers?

Once the explainer video company gets clear on all these things, they can then start building an explainer video that can convert more sales and make your salespeople’s lives so much easier.

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