The Best Tools To Develop An Efficient Mobile Marketing Campaign


You need to make sure you have quality tools available to you before you launch your mobile marketing campaign. Read this article to find out more about the different tolls you can use for this campaign.

If you are interested in using text alerts to stay in touch with customers, you need to invest in quality mobile marketing software. Several platforms offer this type of services, but you need to do more research on your different options.

You could for instance use SimplifiedAlerts, RainedOut, Trumpia or Mosio. These services allow you to store the phone numbers of your customers, organize them in different groups and send out text alerts. You will also be able to receive some texts back and keep track of how many recipients open your text alerts and follow the links you share.

Are you interested in launching a mobile website? Start by registering a .mobi domain name and find a quality web hosting service. The same service you use for your regular website should let you host your mobile website. If you do not know enough about HTML to develop your own mobile website, find a quality site building tool. Google offers a free tool you can use for your mobile site, but you could also use Mobify, Onbile, MobilePress, WinkSite or MoFuse.

There are several other tools; you should read reviews and test different tools until you find one that allows you to create the kind of site you want.

Developing apps is a great way to reach out to your customers who own Smartphones or iPhones. You should test AppMakr, GENWI, SwebApps or MyAppBuilder.

These simple tools can be mastered within a few weeks but keep in mind that you will be able to create very basic apps thanks to these tools. There are several more complex tools you can master if you are interested in creating more advanced apps such as games. You could also learn more about coding or hire a professional to develop the kind of app you want.

You need to get some feedback from your audience to improve your mobile marketing campaign. You should ask your customers to answer to surveys or take part in study groups. There are many different tools you can use for surveys, including Opinio, SurveyMonkey or Zoomerang. You can even design some mobile surveys with SurveyToGo and Checkbox.

You should design surveys on a regular basis and reward the participants with a small discount or by giving them a chance to win a free product. Go over the results of your surveys regularly and use your findings to improve your mobile marketing campaign. Encourage people to send you feedback via email or text messages too if you need some suggestions.

You will get excellent results from your mobile marketing campaign if you use the different tools mentioned in this article. You should stay up to date with new trends and technologies so you always have the latest quality tools available.

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