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A Few Web Design Mistakes You Should Avoid

A Few Web Design Mistakes You Should Avoid

Developing a quality design for your website is important if you want to create a professional image. Keep reading to learn more about web design and the common mistakes you should avoid.A design that is not up to date will not create a positive image for your website. Web design trends evolve regularly and your visitors will notice that your site is not up to date right away if your design corresponds to trends that are a couple of years old.

Subscribe to some newsletters or blogs on web design so you can learn about the latest trends. Try creating a brand new design for your site every two years and do not hesitate to make small changes when needed. You should also work on learning new languages you can use to improve your designs, such as Java Script or Flash.

Your design elements should not be included in your HTML pages. Updating your site and adding new pages will be much easier if you use a CSS sheet. You can easily learn how to use CSS within less than a month. Create your CSS sheet to define your design elements and connect this sheet to your HTML pages.

You will then be able to update your design by making a few changes to a single CSS sheet instead of changing all your pages. Using CSS should also help you be more consistent and have all your pages look the same. You can learn CSS thanks to online tutorials or simply read a book on this topic.

Do not forget about search engine optimization when creating a design for your website. A properly optimized design will help search engine spiders analyze your content. You should use a very simple design and keep your design elements in a CSS sheet.

Using pictures for your design can confuse search engine spiders. If you have an image for your background, remove it and set a simple color for the background of your site. Do not use a banner for your header since you can use this space to describe your entire page with a title tag and some strong keywords.Never use set values for your design elements.

You might be tempted to choose set values for your different elements if you have a hard time with aligning them but remember that the set values you choose might not look good under a different resolution. It is best to choose some percentages to define the size and position of your different elements so your design can be properly displayed under different resolutions.

Look at your design with different devices and resolutions to make sure it can be properly displayed.Avoid these common web design mistakes and take the time to learn more on this topic so you can create a quality design for your website. Do not hesitate to hire a professional web designer if you have a hard time with creating the design you want for your site.