Moving out can be really stressful


Moving out can be really stressful, if you are not organized enough. Moreover, a lot of tasks you never thought you’d have to solve show up. So, how can one move and stay calm at the same time? It’s simple, you have to follow some rules.

Of course, you couldn’t know how to do it, if it’s your first time, and even if a lot of solutions will come to you naturally, it’s still better to have them ready beforehand. This is why we have some tips for you, actually from Sgomberi Appartamenti Gratis Torino – an Italian professional moving company (yes, there are such people, and that’s one of the things you have to know, too).

Take your time. You have to work as fast as possible, of course, but you also have to understand that you probably won’t make it in a few hours. You can’t postpone all the packing until the last day, because you don’t want to do it or even worse – you think it’s a piece of cake. You won’t just push things into boxes, and here is why.

Be organized. It will be much simpler to put the right things in the right boxes, so you don’t have to lose even more time unpacking and looking for a certain thing everywhere. One idea would be to put the things in boxes by rooms – all you’ll have to do is to get them out in the right room. Another good idea is to pack the objects using a list – it might help you get rid of unnecessary things, too (if it doesn’t fit anywhere, you probably don’t really need it).

Be careful. There are precious things in every house, and it doesn’t really matter – is it because it’s Chinese porcelain, or because it’s a gift from someone dear, if you want to keep things safe, you have to pack them carefully. There are special wrap foils with bubbles, but you can also use some old papers and clothes to secure fragile stuff.

Clean up things before you pack them. No, seriously, of course the things you keep around aren’t quite dirty, but they might be not that clean either. Wash, scrub, dust everything before packing up, so you don’t have to lose time in your new house, cleaning up right from the start. That wouldn’t be very nice, it’s a lot better to think about a New House Party than cleaning up.

Be assertive. Don’t lose your good demeanor and keep trying even if something goes wrong. You’ll probably get exhausted really fast, you’ll have to redo some things, and you’ll want to get rid of half of your house just to finish packing, but you have to temper your intentions and work wisely. Your approach means a lot, and you have to remember that you have everything in your own hands.  A positive attitude is already a path to victory, and you’ll make it to your new house with a great mood and a lot of free time.

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