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Why and when do men wear the black tie?

Why and when do men wear the black tie?

We present a short history of the black tie, as it is an important dress code for evening events and every social functions. It is derived from American and British costume conventions. Traditionally the black tie is worn after 7 p.m., and in comparison with white tie, it is less formal, but more formal than a business or informal dress.

The white tie is strictly regulated, whereas black-tie is more varied. The black tie requires men to be dressed in tuxedo and women in evening gown. There are some traditional components for men, namely jacket with silk facings, trousers with a single silk or satin braid worn with braces, black low-cut waistcoat, white dress shirt with double cuffs and turndown collar, black silk bow tie, shirt studs and cufflinks, black dress stockings, black shoes.

If a man wants to wear a classic black tie dress code, he has to choose the traditional tuxedo, as the classic black tie tuxedo is solid black in color and has one single button, has no vents at the back. As the black tie functions with a black classic tuxedo best, it also can function with a dark midnight blue for the evening events.

For a day time events, black tie functions with black pants and white jackets. It is as versatile as navy when it is worn with consideration, being a dark and conservative color. Navy is a versatile option, but a plain, dark tie is a base for a perfect outfit. Black ties are worn with white shirts by all kind of men, models or movie stars to salesmen, because a black tie looks striking and glamorous from a distance. Avoid plain woven or printed silk and satin with black ties.

When is it recommended to wear this black tie? There are some important events, where black ties are special, for example, at private or public dinners, parties or balls. It has replaced the more formal white tie, as this a formal dress code, while the black tie code is classified as semi-formal in contrast to the white tie.

The white tie dress code is very rare now, used only for extremely formal occasions. The black tie is worn only after 6 p.m. or after sundown during winter.

Turning back to the history of black tie, there are numerous variations, such as informal dining attire and its later role as semi-formal cocktail attire. And in the end, we can discuss about what a black tie optional means for women, when an invitation with this term ‘black tie optional’ is made, it applies to men, but for women means that they have to wear a full-length gown, or a cocktail dress.

The black tie will remain a special dress code in the future events, as it is appreciated by designers, it is a color that fits the men style and men also appreciate wearing such ties, they prefer black color for most of their clothes.