Rope or chain slings? Which one should you choose?


Rope and chain slings are used to carry heavy loads and can be used both in production halls and in warehouses. The prices of both types of slings are different, as well as their application, material used, service life or matching to the appropriate devices.

Which of them will work better in a specific situation? When to choose rope slings and when to choose chain slings?

Choosing the right sling

Regardless of what type of sling we choose, before buying, we should pay attention to factors such as:

  • longevity, security, adaptation to the equipment and carried load,
  • resistance to the conditions in which the slings operate,
  • price.

Chain and rope slings are fully safe if their manufacturer is a proven company on the market. It is not worth buying a sling from brands that are unknown or about which we can not find too many opinions. Each sling that is released for sale is subject to independent testing, after which it receives a safety certificate – it is worth paying attention to this when investing in a specific product.

Rope and chain slings

Chain slings are more widely used than rope slings. The chains can be shortened and they are much more resistant to weather conditions than ropes. It should also be remembered that chain slings are much easier to transport. In addition, it is worth noting that the only rope slings that are as durable as chains are products with steel cores in the ropes. The downside of the chain structure is its low flexibility and considerable weight.

Rope slings have the advantage of flexible ropes, so they can be used for towing or strapping loads. Also, the weight of this type of sling is significantly lower than that of the chain version. The downside of this type of solution is that the ropes wear faster, which makes it not a good option for transporting very heavy materials.

Which slings to choose?

Both types of slings have their pros and cons. It is worth analyzing them in order to choose the solution that will be the best for the loads we are in contact with.

Chain slings can work for over a decade and will last much longer than their rope counterparts. Rope structures are hard to regenerate and their service life is much shorter, but they are definitely cheaper than chain slings.

Sometimes rope slings will be a better solution, but if it is to work cyclically and regularly, and the type of load allows it, it is worth choosing a chain version.

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