What’s the difference between WordPress themes and WordPress frameworks


Every wordpress user should decide on a wordpress theme that will make his website work. It’s difficult to find a parallax Wordpress theme, but it’s not impossible. If you have some money, a premium theme could bring lots of advantages.

When you will start your search for the best WordPress theme, you will find that there are many types of themes. First of all we have classic wordpress theme and second of all, we have wordpress framework.

What’s the differene between them?

WordPress theme Framework. If we search the term on wordpress codex, we will find that wordpress framework has two meanings: is a code library that facilitate developers to create a theme and it’s a stand-alone theme that can be transformed în another theme or used aș a parent theme.

A parent theme is the default wordpress theme, that started the creation of another themes.

A child theme, instead, is a theme that inherits its functionality from a parent theme and allow users to make some changes on the design. A child theme is very important, because offers you the possibility to change things on your site without delete some basic files.

Why frameworks are different from Parent themes?

It is hard to find differences between a parent theme and a framework, but they are present. For example, a big difference is the fact that a framework can’t be used in a final product. A parent them, instead, can be used as a theme without any problem.

A framework is more flexible than a standard wordpress theme, because it is made for developers.

So, if you want to make your own wordpress theme, a framework is the right answear. If you want to just install a new website, that looks good, than a simple wordpress theme with a child theme can be more fitted for you.

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