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How to search for a great wordpress theme?

How to search for a great wordpress theme?

If you want to start your own website, you will probably search for a free solution. WordPress is a great solution, that alow you to build a great website without spending any money.

Lately, the open source platform became stronger and stronger and capted the attention to many programers and webmasters.

•    The greatest parts of wordpress are themes. You can find thousands and thousands of  free bootstrap WordPress themes, and you can transform your website into a personal stamp. Not every theme is a good one, though. A good solution should not ignore some roles:

Simplicity. Even if a colourful design might be attractive, you should look for something simple. A common structure and some white and black buttons, could help you gaining the success.

•     Cost. There are free wordpress themes and premium wordpress themes, that sometimes have a cost. Usually, the prices are pretty low : 50-60 dollars. Even so, if you are at the beginning of your business, you should avoid spending. So, a free wordpress theme might be the best alternative. A free bootstrap wordpress theme is also a solution that you can adopt.

•    Support and updates. It’s not enough for a theme to be free and simple. The programer that made it, should try bringing new updates freqently and answer the questions from the users. It’s pretty hard to find a free wordpress theme with a good support, but not impossible.

If you found the best theme for your site, your journey it’s just about to begin. The next step is finding a great content and finding a good way to promote your services.

A good site without advertising it’s like a salt shop in desert: almost useless. If the theme is free, the advertise could spend some money, so, you should have a solid budget for it.

An online business is a complex and interesting activity. If you play your cards right, you can become the next millionaire. Obviously, there is a lot of work and some stress in your way, but after all, could worth it.